Are you recently divorced? Are you friends with your Ex?  Should you be friends with your Ex?  Well I tried was a very good thing...until the Ex made some choices which changed our lives forever. Nothing is really forever, but this very well may be.  Children are the ones who hurt in the end by some of the choices we adults make. I am fine and probably better off than I ever was. Because after all the Ex probably was not my friend at all and I do not lack of real friends. I am just a bit wiser now!


Are you recently divorced? Have you been divorced for many years? Do you still struggle with issues of your ex? This is a way of the world these days. Years ago it was not as common or if it were it was hidden from the world. Today to be married even 5 years is an accomplishment for some. If you hit the 10 year anniversary that is tremendous. I spent nearly three decades with my ex.(married) and then remained his friend for the next 12 + years) I hate the word divorce. God hates divorce. When I least expected it to happen in my life it came to visit me. It was my decision to leave an abusive marriage after many years of praying and crying and pleading. It was not an easy path for a 45 year old woman to take who had been a stay at home wife and mother. But it is one I took and I will never look back. It brought me to a new level in my life. I saw the world from a different angle than before. I learned I am capable of things I never dreamed of. I wanted the dream of falling in love, getting married, having babies and being happy ever after…I wanted the fairy tale I had been fed.




When I decided to leave it was as if I had all of a sudden awakened from my coma & saw my life from a different perspective than I had prior. I had thought one day I will be 70 years old & unhappy at the hands of someone else. I would rather be alone & happy than live in a marriage with a partner who made me feel like I was unhappy and alone. Being alone while living with someone is far more alone than actually living your life alone. If I would end up a miserable old woman someday it would be of my own doing not because I allowed someone to do so to me.