5 STAR RATING Donna Bennett May 12, 2010

Your have truely been Blessed. I feel in my heart,Your story will help many troubled hearts.
 5 STAR RATING Dorothyl@womensselfesteem.com May 11, 2010

Hope and change, two very real facts of life. In order to move forward in change one must have hope~
 5 STAR RATING  Chrissy Scalise April 12, 2010

You had me from the first paragraph! I can't wait to read it!

5 STAR RATING Anonymous April 04, 2010

 5 STAR RATING Kim frm Crazy4Cards April 03, 2010
WOW! very strong! I like it!
 5 STAR RATING Anonymous March 30, 2010
 4 STAR RATING Anonymous March 22, 2010
 5 STAR RATING Mike Rusnak March 09, 2010
It takes a brave person to reveal ther true thoughts to themselves let alone others. Good for you!
 5 STAR RATING Anonymous March 01, 2010
The pain of real-life struggles can be felt in your writing. Very well written.
 3 STAR RATING Joanne March 01, 2010
Sounds interesting - a good read!
5 STAR RATING Patricia Cranford February 28, 2010
This sounds like my story, but I'm 64 and it's only been 3 monts...no divorce yet, but it's coming.
 3 STAR RATING Anonymous February 28, 2010
This is something a lot of women have been through and it could help give some perspective!
 5 STAR RATING Bonnie February 28, 2010
Great preview! Can't wait to read the book!
 5 STAR RATING Anonymous February 28, 2010
 5 STAR RATING Kristy Cardieri February 27, 2010
Sound amazing! I cannot wait to read the whole thing!
 5 STAR RATING Olenka February 27, 2010
WOW you definitely have a talent for writing! I wanted to read more! Can't wait to see it published!
 5 STAR RATING LINDA GATES February 27, 2010
Love this, now I want to read the whole thing!!! When??????
 5 STAR RATING Donna February 27, 2010
awesome I cant wait to read more
 3 STAR RATINGev February 27, 2010
looks promising
 5 STAR RATING Kate February 27, 2010
I can't wait to read the rest of it -- I empathize with your story! I want to see how it's like mine
 4 STAR RATING Kathy Adams February 27, 2010
Excellent expression of emotions. Reading this small bit makes me want to read more.

5 STAR RATING  Barb Chehovits February 27, 2010
Awesome job, Kathy!! I am anxious to read the whole thing!! Love it!
 4 STAR RATING Anonymous February 27, 2010
Sounds very personal and heart wrenching-excited to read this book
 5 STAR RATING Gayle Williams February 27, 2010
Excellent. You do sound like you are straight from the heart and other should be able to understand.
 4 STAR RATING  Maureen February 27, 2010
your story is one that will inspire others. I enjoyed reading it and encourage you to write more.